The University of Florida, College of Medicine, will provide video recordings of lectures and other portions of the curriculum to its students. The goal of this initiative is to improve our learner-centered curriculum allowing flexibility to balance personal and academic priorities and provide another tool to accommodate differing learning styles. The video recordings are intended for exclusive use by students enrolled in the College of Medicine. Other individuals who wish to view the recordings must receive permission from the
responsible faculty member. In accordance with the University of Florida Intellectual Property Policy, faculty members of the University of Florida maintain copyright ownership of their lectures. UF COM will maintain ownership of these recordings and will use recordings in accordance with this policy. The UF COM policy for digital audio or video recording of lectures is as follows:

  1. Whole class presentations (e.g. lectures) and other portions of the curriculum will be
    recorded. Such recordings will be maintained on the UF COM course management system (STUDYCORE). Due to the nature of patient confidentiality or the nature of the topic, there will be times when recording is not allowed. These are intended for exclusive use by the students enrolled in the course at the time, course faculty, and staff charged with delivering and administering the course.

  2. Lecturers will be contacted with information about the recording policy. Faculty who give
    multiple lectures in a course may specify different terms for different sessions. Faculty who do not wish to be audio or video-recorded must notify the course director and Associate Dean for Medical Education with rationale for not recording at least 48 hours prior to the lecture(s). Absent the lecturer’s express revocation of permission, in writing, lectures/presentations will be recorded. Reasons for non-recording include but are not limited to patient encounters and guest lecturers.

  3. Recorded lectures will be posted on the UF COM secure website through Studycore.
    Lectures can be edited up to one week after recording.

  4. All users of the recordings (students, faculty, staff and course directors) must agree to the terms and conditions of this policy prior to web site access. The lecture and any information contained in the recorded lecture are protected under copyright laws and may not be copied, displayed, broadcast or published without the consent of the lecturer and without giving proper attribution to the lecturer. UF COM will take reasonable measures to prevent the inappropriate use of such recordings by individuals with access to the web site on which the recorded lectures are posted, but cannot guarantee against possible misuse. This prohibition includes placing the recording on any web page or the Internet for use by, or access to, any person, including the student. In addition to any legal ramifications, misuse of recordings will be considered as unprofessional behavior and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken according to UF COM policy and procedures.

  5. The recorded lectures will be maintained on the university servers for up to two years, with materials accessible exclusively to the students enrolled in the course at the time of the recording along with the faculty, staff and course directors charged with delivering the lectures and administering the course at the time of recording.

  6. No recorded lecture material, university maintained or otherwise, may be shared with any individual or organization within or outside the UF COM without prior written permission from the lecturer. Recordings are for educational use only and are to be considered confidential.

  7. Materials used in lectures may be subject to copyright protection.